Florian Gintenreiter
Director of Photography • Colorist

Another edition to the numerous 7D test movies out there. I recently got my stuff together and went to Vienna's famous St.Marx Cemetery to give the 7D a spin. It's nothing too artistic and it was my first serious attempt to make nice images with the 7D.

A few things I learned: One needs something like the Zacuto Viewfinder, a follow focus and most important a mattebox to control exposure/exposuretime with ND Filters. Maybe an external monitor is an alternative to the Z-Finder, I have to do some research into that.

Lenses used: 18-135mm Canon zoom lens - too slow for shooting anything than daylight exteriors and breathes a lot, Walimex (Samyang) 85mm 1,4 - nice bokeh but hard to focus and too soft at full aperture. Useable at 2 or 2.8, Zenitar 16mm 2,8 Fisheye - The old russian Zenitar is a little soft, but a lens with character. Will get 14mm Sigma to replace it.

I also used my prototype camera-slider.

A little color-correction in Apple Color was applied after transcoding to Apple ProRes and editing in Final Cut Pro.

Credits: Director of Photography, Camera Operator