Florian Gintenreiter
Director of Photography • Colorist

TV Commercial for viennese charity "Wiener Tafel", which is trying to feed homeless people. The idea is that participating restaurants in vienna donate €1 from one special soup on their menu to Wiener Tafel who then are able to feed 10 people in need with that €1.
The commercial is currently being shown in cinemas and on national TV. Filmed on a Sony F3 and graded in DaVinci Resolve. Agency: GablerJurasch, Tracking,3D: Philip Ballinger, Compositing: Christophe Didier Weginger, Gaffer: Alex Haspel, Spark: Philipp Habenicht (Gabler Jurasch, 2011)

Agency: GablerJurasch
Director: Andreas Gabler, Max Jurasch
Credits: Director of Photography, Colorist