Florian Gintenreiter
Director of Photography • Colorist

Mission Statement

I learned my craft the traditional way — lighting and exposing 16mm and 35mm negative film in scripted- and documentary context.

With the high cost of filmstock, I needed to be both efficient and proficient to be able to deliver high-quality work at an acceptable budget.
Digital cinematography has brought down the cost of filmstock and equipment considerably, but has also tempted filmmakers to put less care in shooting.

Quality is often sacrificed for quantity and way too much mediocre footage ends up in the cutting-room. Editors have to waste hours on end sifting through massive ammounts of material instead of editing creatively.

I'm trying to bring the same care and diligence from cinematic shooting into today's fast moving digital world. That way the client can benefit from both the speed and lower-costs that digital cinematography has to offer.

I own and operate a Sony PXW-FS7 digital cinema camera package some lighting equipment as well as an editing- and color correction-suite.

That makes me a one-stop-shop for small production needs and a well equipped service-production for larger projects.

Credits. This is where I keep track of the more memorably projects I did, more for myself than anything. Have a look when you're interested in what trouble I was causing.

CV-short. Sometimes I get asked for it, so I just put it online for everybody to check out.

CV Full. You really wanna read all this? Sure — go ahead!