Florian Gintenreiter
Director of Photography • Colorist • Editor

Curriculum Vitae


Federal Technical College Mödling for Precision Engineering and Technical Optics. Graduated 1993.


Study of architecture at the Vienna Technical University.


Employed at the viennese postproduction company Cut&Copy as editor. During my employment at Cut&Copy specialization in Non-Linear editing (AVID) and 3D Computer animation. Most of my jobs were commercials, Pop-Promos, Industrial Films, Motion Graphics and Jingles. It was also possible for me to acquire experience with high-end videocamera equipment.


In 1996 application for the LONDON INTERNATIONAL FILM SCHOOL (Now LFS). I was accepted as a student for the january 1997 term. The LIFS two year course Art and Technique of Filmmaking covers all aspects of filmmaking. Lectures and exams about production, directing, lighting, editing, sound etc. and a very practical film-exercise every term convey a deep understanding of the filmmaking process. Although specialization on a specific job is not part of the LIFS education, it was possible for me to focus on the field of cinematography throughout the two year course.


Worked on a wide variety of different Projects as both cinematographer and/or editor. My assignments include: Taxi Orange 1+2 (ORF), Expedition Österreich (ORF), various commercials, music videos, corporate films and imagefilms. I also kept my habit of shooting one or two short films per year for non-profit or student productions. See my credits for detailed information.


Amongst lots of small productions I worked on a documentary for the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Edited and authored a 2-DVD release for the norwegian Death-Metal Band Dimmu Borgir, shot and color-graded the shortfilm Dead Bones Directed and filmed a corporate video for Austrian cellphone-carrier Mobilkom and worked on a corporate-film for the Channoine cosmetics company. Olivier Beguin's short Dead Bones - which I had the pleasure of shooting for him - is making the festival circuit and was sold at the Cannes Short Film Marketplace.


The focus of my work is turning more towards producing/shooting TV commercials and corporates and away from editing/compositing jobs these days. In 2010 and 2011 I have been either producing/coproducing and/or shooting a diversity of web-videos for clients like Borealis, Agses and Channoine as well as a couple of TV commercials for Telering, YTONG, Wiener Tafel ,Samsung, Burgenland Tourismus, Erdgas Auto, Wirtschaftkammer Wien, Berd Wolf Schmuck, anwaelte.at and many more.

In early 2012 I had the chance of shooting my first feature-lenght film, CHIMERES directed by Olivier Beguin. CHIMERES is a fresh look at the meanwhile somewhat dull Vampire genre. The film was released on iTunes both in the US, Canada and Europe. A german DVD and Blu-Ray release with the title Dreckiges Blut followed in 2015.

More recently I worked on Wienerland—an upcoming webseries whilst shooting imagefilms, corporate film and commercials for cinema, web and television.
I also try and do a non-profit project every now an then. Be it to help a social cause like Wiener Tafel or be it to work on a passion-project to get to know new people.